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Ask not what your country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country...

A conundrum may be puzzling or confusing,
but this makes REAL sense!!!

In Memory Of The Bravest Man I Have Known,
"Marc Spradlin"

Margaritaville - It is 5 O'Clock somewhere!!

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PPT Presentation for Cruises Inc.

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White Bay BVI

BVI - AEOLUS Ships Log

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BVI -Belle Christine Ships Log

St Maarten Sailing Adventure...

When there were real comedians
Johnny Carson and Friends..

London, Jaguar Factory and Venice 2012

TJ & Robin April 2011

My 2010 Birthday Present..;-)

TJ & I at Turner Falls

TXO Volunteers
Adopting Duck Creek

Pictures of Latest Projects and More...

Flowers in the yard...

For those of you my age, this might ring a bell!!

The Entertainment Center...
Yes, those are my tools, no I will not build you anything!!!

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Two guys, are we on the right road??
May 2007