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2010 Open Range Journey 340
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Well life has it's many changes... always
In winter of 2017-18 I purchased a pickup and set it up for camping.
I took my first test trip for the setup, to the Chickasaw National Park in Oklahoma.
Enjoying the lovely weather and campgrounds I met the Camphost Ron.
I had thought in the past about being a camphost or working in the National Parks.
After checking on details, they checked me out and said yes I could be a camphost.
But I could not be a camp host in a truck and tent, I needed an RV trailer or motorhome
Well I went home and checked out craigslist and found a nice 1999 24ft bumper pull trailer
I headed up to Oklahoma and had a great time being a camphost for the campground.
In 2019 I went back up and was a camphost again for the summer.
Since I had sold dad's house and only had the trailer to live in,
I started making plans to winter in the little trailer.
I found after the first fall month weather that the 1999 models were not good for year round living.
So I did some research and found that Open Range RV had many features for them being a residence.
More insulation, 10 gal water heater instead of 5 gal. Nice bathroom with usable shower.
Double slide for living room, giving much more space and almost like small apartment, not an RV.
I love it and will go back to park for the summer and then back here to Tyler for the winter again....