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Want to get 5 days and nights at a nice resort outside of Madrid?
Vaughan Town Experience is one you will never forget.
You volunteer to help with conversational English
for students of the Vaughan English Learning school in Spain.
Be A Vaughan Town Volunteer
Event info and schedule for the 5 days.

Vaughan Town Experience...

I have enjoyed meeting about 15 Spaniards and
10-15 English speaking people from around the world.
We have three meals aday and enjoy visiting with each other.
Evening meals usually even include the wine....
All you have to do is spend your day chatting with people.
You do not need to know Spanish in fact, Spanish is forbidden for the 5
days so that the Spaniards are have to speak English all week.
It is great fun and I chance to learn about other cultures and meet lots of nice people.

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