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Grandpa Jack's 1959 Bug-Eye Sprite

Well we have spent several years getting this far with the Sprite.
We brought it to Garland when Mom and Dad moved here in 2006...
We had help getting it running and I got it licensed so we could drive it.
We went to display it at Cars & Coffee in 2008.
We spent a bit of time getting it put back together in April 2002
in Louisianna when TJ and I visited for a few days
Sprite 2003 working on it.

In early 2018 as I was selling dad's house in Garland and I was planning on going full time as
a RV life style, I decided it was time to move the little car to its next home.
I sent it to TJ in Reno, NV and then later that year I went out there and we
got started on some updates... 2018 Work
Since that time, TJ has decided to get some professional help,
for the Sprite, not himself, as bad as he needs some professional help...
So he has sent it to "The Bugeye Guy". This is the start